How do I transfer my contacts to my new Android phone?

Android to Android If you have an Android already, you probably also have a Google or a Gmail account, now the same thing—which will make this quite simple. If you don’t have a Gmail account, create one: you’ll need it to get the most out of your Android anyway. 1. Once that is set up, […]

How do I transfer my contacts to my new iPhone?

Using Automatic Setup 1. Select your language on your new iPhone or iPad with your new and current devices in close proximity. 2. Tap Continue on your iPhone or iPad on the popup that appears asking you to set up your new iPhone or iPad with your Apple ID. 3. Use your current iPhone or […]

How do I transfer my content or data to a new phone?

If you are transferring your content from an Android to an iPhone, you can download this app and follow the prompts: “Move iOS” If you are transferring from an iPhone to an Android or Android to Android: Download the My Contacts backup app and launch on your iPhone. When the app (“MCBackup”) asks to […]

Can I swap an active Patriot Mobile SIM card between your phones?

Great news! If you are currently active with Patriot Mobile, you would not need a new sim card. Simply remove your current sim card (with the sim card eject tool and place it in the new phone. If you would like assistance or if for any reason the sim card does not fit in the […]

Can I use my smartphone as a hotspot?

Yes! Ensure the Hotspot feature is activated in your Settings or Manage Connections area. Open the App Tray and select “Mobile Hotspot.” Tap the Mobile Hotspot checkbox. In a few moments, an icon will appear in the notifications panel showing the availability of your new hotspot. Computers and other connected devices can now connect to […]

Do you offer device protection?

Yes, Patriot Mobile offers device protection! Protect your device with Patriot Care. Click here for more information:

Do you offer upgrades for phones?

At the moment, Patriot mobile does not offer phone upgrades, but you are welcome to purchase a new device at any time and add it to your account, if your current device has been paid in full.