Do you offer a Referral Program?

Yes! You get $10 off your phone bill every month for 12 months, for every account that you refer over to Patriot Mobile! 5 accounts equal to $50 off your phone bill for an entire year, which is $600 for a year! *Please note: The referral credit stays active as long as you and your […]

Do you offer cloud storage for my phone?

Yes, through Patriot Care Device Protection, there is 50gb of cloud storage space available for your pictures, videos, contacts, and more! Visit:

Do you offer 411 directory assistance?

Yes, Patriot Mobile offers 411 searches! If you dial 411 on your keypad and place the call, an operator can assist you when you request phone numbers, addresses or information for almost any place of interest, including restaurants, movies, etc.

Do you offer Unlimited Plans?

Yes! Patriot Mobile offers unlimited plans, with no contracts! Visit:

Do you offer Mobile Hotspot Plans?

Yes! Patriot Mobile offers hotspot plans for your phone, with eligible plans. Separate hotpot devices are not currently offered by Patriot Mobile.

What international calling plan does Patriot Mobile offer?

Patriot Mobile offers an Unlimited International Calling Plan which includes unlimited calls to Canada, Mexico, and 204+ countries and destinations for only $10 per month, per line. To view a list of countries that are included in the unlimited international calling plan: