Why does my phone say “sim card not supported”?

It means your current carrier locked your phone. Please call your current carrier and ask for them to unlock it. Once they unlock it (through their system), simply restart your phone and you’re all set!

Once I switch over, do you contact my current carrier to cancel service?

In most cases, after you have switched over and activated your service with Patriot Mobile with your existing phone number, your current carrier line is cancelled, but this is not always the case. Patriot Mobile is not responsible for ensuring the cancellation of your line or lines with your current carrier. We recommend after switching […]

How do I unlock my device?

Contact your current provider and verify if your phone is unlocked. If it is, ask your current carrier to unlock your phone (this is usually just a click of a button on their end). Also, please make sure you have your account number and pin number if you would like to keep your same phone […]

How do I install my new Patriot Mobile sim card?

It’s simple! You don’t have to take apart your phone to replace your sim card. Simply watch this how-to video tutorial or follow the steps provided below. How-to-Video:https://patriotmobile.com/pages/sim-card-installation For iPhones: 1. Power off your device. Be sure to power off your device completely. Not powering your device off may harm the SIM card and/or the […]

How and when do I activate my new Patriot Mobile service?

After you have signed up with Patriot Mobile and after you have received your delivery from Patriot Mobile, simply use our online self-activation portal or you can call our support team for assistance. Online activation tool:https://patriotmobile.com/pages/active-now

Do you offer a Referral Program?

Yes! You get $10 off your phone bill every month for 12 months, for every account that you refer over to Patriot Mobile! 5 accounts equal to $50 off your phone bill for an entire year, which is $600 for a year! *Please note: The referral credit stays active as long as you and your […]

Do you offer cloud storage for my phone?

Yes, through Patriot Care Device Protection, there is 50gb of cloud storage space available for your pictures, videos, contacts, and more! Visit: https://patriotmobile.com/pages/patriotcare